Bovenkamp 9, 1391 LA Abcoude, Nederland
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Post: Postbus 137 1390 AC ABCOUDE
KvK: 30230285


Type bedrijf: Installateur Koudetechniek, Leverancier

Certificering: VCA

Specialisatie (installateurs): Voedingsmiddelenindustrie, Ziekenhuizen/laboratoria

Specialisatie (leveranciers): Apparaten, Componenten, Systemen

Beun - de Ronde B.V. is NVKL-lid

Beun - de Ronde B.V.

Beun-De Ronde B.V. is one of the eldest reseller of laboratory equipment in the Netherlands. Almost 100 years of experience, extension and successes. Beun-De Ronde is divided into three different companies, BioSPX for Life Science, AddspeX for X-ray technologies and Beun – De Ronde for analytics, each with their own specialty and located in two countries in Europe.

The wide specialism of Beun-De Ronde in the laboratory and technology market expands day by day. Keeping track of the continuous flow of the market and the latest developments are a high priority and important to translate those developments into new successes.

Our team of sales, service and technical employees are well trained to provide the best advices and help with, during and after every purchase. Loyalty and long term relationships with our clients are just two of our core qualities.

This combination makes Beun-De Ronde a high quality supplier of laboratory equipment in different markets.